First ML fic About 5 chapters? We'll see.

Anyway, enjoy some slight Marichat I couldn't help sneaking in This was something Marinette knew quite well. Her best friend flashed a determined smile from the desk chair as Marinette lay sprawled across her chaise, a mischievous look on her face.

You're making this way too complicated. Nevertheless, I, the adventurous Alya, am always up for a challenge. She leaned forward in her chair and raised an eyebrow. Her expression was a dare in and of itself.

Truthfully the only reason Marinette was holding back was because Alya had leverage over her. The last thing she wanted to be dared was something like "Tell Adrien he looks cute today," or "Ask him out on a date". The last time Marinette had tried anything of the sort had been… eventful, to say the least. Mortifying, to do it justice. And it was all Chat Noir's fault, honestly, for giving her false confidence and encouraging her. Why she'd thought trying to talk to Adrien in the first place had been a good idea, she had no clue.

It had been a pretty good morning. Defeating a particularly difficult akuma the night before with Chat had given her ego a boost. After it was purified and everything was restored to normal, they'd parted ways and she hid in an alley to detransform.

Chat hadn't actually needed to use cataclysm, and so bowed farewell and sprung off into the night to do… whatever it was that giant cats did at night in Paris. He hadn't gone far enough though.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction adrienette truth or dare

On her way home, she nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed him sitting on a swing set in the park she decided to cut through. It was too late to go around, he'd seen her She rolled her eyes and joined him, sitting in the swing to his right.This is hilarious.

I picked up my phone and flew off using my yo-yo. I know right, like what happened Adrien would never do that. I can't believe this! Enough of me rambling, you probably want to hear what happened.

As I ran into class, late as usual, I heard Madame Bustier saying, "Since the class has worked hard on their project, I'm giving you the entire class period as free time! When we're all gathered together the first thing anybody says was from sweet, little, Rose asking,"Who's going first? Truth or Dare?

Oh, I pretty much just check my watch for my basic equations and alter them in my mind. As he finishes explaining he spins the bottle,"Alya, Truth or Dare? Any race of his choice. Alya, I owe you big time. Alex spins the bottle and it lands on…. Nino, Truth or Dare?! Fuck you, Alex. Anywho, Nino slowly walks up to her desk. Nino sheepishly asks, "Madame Bustier, wh-where do babies come from? Alya replies, "You'll live. Adrien, Truth or Dare? See Uh- promise not to laugh.

It's Ladybug. Just continue the g-game," I say tears rolling down my face. Spinning the bottle quickly, Adrien says, "Oook. Mari, Truth or Dare? What did the model do to you?! If you know Ladybug, then get her to sing this song to Cat. Everyone stares at me. Bye-bye little butterfly.

Cat's not here. I set down my phone and a speaker, then I sit down planning to tell Cat my identity and planning to do Adrien's dare. No matter how mad I am at him. He uneasily says, "Umm. Good Evning? What's with the speaker? How to start," I start to say," Ummm- I sort-of got dumped by my crush, almost got akumatized, reaveled myself to my entire class, and got a horrible dare from Adrien Agreste.

That's why everything is set p like this. I turn on the song Adrien requested. I finish the song and de-transform leaving Cat double-speechless.

Miraculous story Mind games: Truth or dare part 1

He mumbles,"Plagg,Claws Out. Adrien Agreste!To those of you who read my other fanfics and was wondering why there are no updates yet, well it's because I was having a hard time to write the next chapter. You know that feeling when you know what should happen but you can't seem to find the right words how to make it happen to the chapter of the story? That's what I've been dealing with. Anyway, to refresh my mind I read some other fics and right now this idea popped up so….

Let's just pretend that the series started when they're fifteen. And they're seventeen when this one-shot happened. About more than a year ago, and all those times before that, mention the game 'Truth or Dare' to Marinette Dupain-Cheng and she would have fled before you can even invite her to join. Mostly because she knew that her classmates would force her to reveal her crush on a certain model.

A couple of months ago, Marinette was still the same. Mention the game 'Truth or Dare' to her and the next thing you know she was a hundred kilometers away from you.

The reason behind this is because she didn't want to accidentally tell her classmates that she was already taken by one of the famous superhero in Paris, Chat Noir. So imagine her classmates' surprise when they mentioned 'Truth or Dare' and Marinette stayed still in her place, confirmed that she would gladly join, with her lips somewhat twitching upwards. Luckily, no one noticed her lips twitch due to the shock reactions from everyone, all except Adrien Agreste who was having a hard time controlling his lips from showing a smirk of his own.

He won't always admit it but every time they mentioned playing the game to Marinette, she always managed to run faster than him.

And that's saying something. How could this be? She tried bribing her before and nothing worked! After the revelation of their identities to one another, that happened as Marinette and Chat three months agotheir status as a couple didn't change one bit.

If anything, it has only became stronger and made them inseparable. There was one problem though, how are they gonna become a couple as Adrien and Marinette without making anyone suspicious? Ladybug and Chat Noir was much easier, they announced their relationship in public two months ago. That's when the plan to initiate a game of Truth or Dare came in. Knowing that their classmates would push them together, whatever choice they make, they could pretend that their relationship blossomed because of it.

So, Adrien mentioned that he hasn't played Truth or Dare before and Nino, being the best friend he was, proposed the game. Of course, with Kim's enthusiasm, the others agreed easily. It didn't hurt that the teacher was absent at their current period. In other words, it was the perfect timing.

The only thing left was for them to buy Marinette's excuse and start the game. Hopefully, they believe her. After all the class does have a Golden Rule when playing this specific game: whatever revelations happen in the classroom stays in the classroom.

Needless to say, Marinette missed a lot of their inside jokes. Seeing that they formed a circle led by her with Adrien following sitting on the floor at the back, they believed her excuse earlier and were now ready to play the game. He knew all too well that if he didn't call Alix a chicken, then she wouldn't have agreed to bet with him. Marinette tried to hide her amusement at her boyfriend's antics.The Fox's Artist fic inspired me to do this.

BTW they are not related with this fic. Bustier had booked a trip for her class to spend a few days out, before the end of the school year. They were booked into a middle, two leveled house with a bar, a playroom, a large dining room, restrooms and shower rooms.

Of course, the house had a garden on the outside with a playground, which was meant for kids, but a few of them used it too, for a little refresh of memories — Or really just for fun. In the evening after the diner, all students were in their groups in the room hanging around together.

In one room were Alix, Juleka, Rose and Lila together. Alix and Lila lied both on the bed and next to Lila sat Rose and Juleka together. Alix was throwing a tennis ball at the wall, while the others were talking. I've got a sketchbook full of drawings of her, I think she'd call me crazy if I'd showed her that. I'm the only one, who can keep up with him!

I just like her as a friend, not a lover or something. That would be…. I got more attracted on her since that day, before I had a little crush on her and I wasn't sure, if I really was in love with her or not, but after that day….

I did". The door of the room got open and Nino entered along with Alya and Marinette, which joined the circle too. Nathaniel noted, that Marinette was a bit shivering from sitting next to Adrien, then whispered at her.

He's much more better, than this Italian brat over there". Nathaniel, Nino, Kim and A…. Lila stood up walking at the red head. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Ms Bustier's class are on a class trip in Neuchatel and a few of them decided to play Truth or Dare. Some secrets, crushes and much other will be revealed during the game. BTW they are not related with this fic Chapter 1 Ms. Asked Alix and Lila shook her head. How do I tell Lila how I feel about her, without stuttering around like a dorkosaurus.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction adrienette truth or dare

Have you ever tried to write her a message saying that? No, she will think, I'm a loser, who can't say the feelings right to her face.

And a drawing? Write a song for her? You're such a great singer, why wouldn't you do this? Ehh, that's kind of embarrassing, what if I end up stammering too? We'll talk later about this, I got crafting club "And then you two didn't talk anymore? I did" The door of the room got open and Nino entered along with Alya and Marinette, which joined the circle too.

He's much more better, than this Italian brat over there" "Brat? I kind of have this question" Said Nathaniel and Lila nodded smiling. I wanted to know, if…. Chapter 1 2.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Truth or Dare?

Chapter 2: The Game Is On 3. A Kwami's Lament 6. Walking Away 7. Bad Dreams and Icy Words 9. Emojis Bugging Out Crime of Passion Silent, Not Unspoken Something About a Cat and a Bag Two Left Feet Frenzied Hands and Minds Marinette and Alya decide to play some truth or dare, but neither of them have any idea what they're getting themselves into.

After all, it can be a dangerous game Will this butterfly effect spiral out of control? Ship square. Previously posted on Fanfiction. Hey guys, some of you may remember me from fanfiction. Don't worry, this story is not abandoned and I will still be posting on there as well. But I figured, for those of you who prefer ao3, I'd give it a shot.

Anyway, enjoy this romantic train wreck. See the end of the work for more notes. This was something Marinette knew quite well.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction adrienette truth or dare

Her best friend flashed a determined smile from the desk chair as Marinette lay sprawled across her chaise, a mischievous look on her face. You're making this way too complicated. Nevertheless, I, the adventurous Alya, am always up for a challenge. She leaned forward in her chair and raised an eyebrow. Her expression was a dare in and of itself. Truthfully the only reason Marinette was holding back was because Alya had leverage over her.

The last thing she wanted to be dared was something like "Tell Adrien he looks cute today," or "Ask him out on a date". The last time Marinette had tried anything of the sort had been… eventful, to say the least. Mortifying, to do it justice.During the regular season, Pittsburgh put over 40 points up on the vaunted Chiefs defense, including five touchdown passes for Roethlisberger. In the playoffs, the Chiefs lost to the Steelers despite not giving up a single touchdown in an upset win for the Steelers.

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miraculous ladybug fanfiction adrienette truth or dare

Vegas reveals the betting odds Contributed by Jordan Zakarin Sep 6, 2017 Share This Post Shared 2 Comments Once again, Lucasfilm has removed a director from a Star Wars film. After booting Chris Miller and Phil Lord from the Han Solo spinoff this summer, and sidelining Gareth Edwards for big reshoots and edits on last winter's Rogue One, the latest forsaken filmmaker is Colin Trevorrow, who will no longer be at the helm of the untitled Episode IX.

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