Apne kaam ache karo musalamano Allah to mauf karne wala hai Allah raheem ke sath sath jalal bhi hai is liye apne app ko acha karo beshak Allah to mauf karne wala hai Post a Comment. Namaz na Parhne ka Azab. July 20, Namaz na Parhne ka Azab There fifteen punishment for not pray namaz.

Six in the world, three at the time of death, three in Qabar and three also in Qabar. Read in detail in Roman Urdu. Namaz na Parhne ki 15 Sazayain: Jo namaz kay muaamlay mein susti barte ga. Allah use 15 qisam ki sazayain de ga. In mein 6 dunya mein, 3 mot ke waqt, 3 qabar aur 3 qabar se nikalne ke baad de ga. Dunya ki 6 Sazayain Yeh Hain: 1. Allah taala us ki umer se barkat zail kar dega. Allah taala us ke chehre se neik logon jaisi nuranyat cheen le ga. Allah taala us ke kisi amal ka ajar-o-sawab nahi de ga.

Us ki koi dua aasman tak buland nah hogi. Allah taala logon ke samne use zaleel-o-khuar kare ga. Naik logon ki dua mein us ka koi hissah na hoga. Mot ke Waqt 3 Sazayain: 1. Zaleel ho kar mare ga. Bhuka mare ga. Marte waqt etni sakht piaas lagegi keh agar use sare daryaon ka pani bhi pila dia jaye to piaas na jaye. Qabar ki Sazayain: 1. Us ki qabar tang kar di jaye gi aur us ki qabar is qadar bheinche gi keh us ki pasliyan tut phut kar aik dusre mein pewast ho jayain gi.

Us ki qabar mein aag bhar kayai jaye gi jis mein ulat palat ho ta rahe ga. Us ki qabar mein aik azdhaha musallat kar dia jaye ga jis ki ankhain aag ki aur nakhun lohe ke hon gay har nakhun ki lambaayi aik din ki masafat ke barabar hogi. Woh karak kar kahe ga mein azdhaha hon mujhe mere rab ne hokum farmaya hai keh tujhe subha ki namaz zayah karne ke jurm mein subha ta tulu aaftab, nama-e- zuhar zaya karne par zuhar ta asar, namz-e-asar zaya karne par asar ta maghrib, namz-e-maghrib zaya karne par maghrib ta isha namaz-e-isha zaya karne par isha ta subha maarta rahon aur jab jab woh aik zarb lagaye ga to murdah 70 hath zameen men dhans jaye ga.

Phir who azdhaha apne nakhun zameen mein gar kar us ko nikale ga. To yeh azaab us par qiamat tak musalsal hota rahe ga. Qabar se Uthne ke Baad ki 3 Sazayain: 1. Allah taala jahannam ki aag ka aik badal us ke chehre ke samne musallat farmaye ga. Jo us ko jahannam ki taraf hank kar le jayega.Get Widget. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich, conservative Middle Eastern country where Islam is law of the land and the Quran forms the constitution. Foreigners are allowed to practice their own religion in private, proselytizing is strictly forbidden and there are harsh consequences for those disobeying Islamic laws and flouting local customs.

The national dish of Saudi Arabia is Kabsa, a dish of rice with meat or chicken served on a huge platter. About 86 percent of expatriate workers earn salaries of less than SR2, per month, on labor category getting low wages.

That is why this gap is filled by expats from last many decades, and likely to carry on. But govt has introduced Saudization policy i. Meanwhile Islam is blamed in the world for causing and exporting religious extremism, KSA is best example of peaceful Muslim Country.

Here it is very safe to have money with you while roaming outside. Criminal law punishments in Saudi Arabia are based on Sharia or Islamic law and it include public beheading, stoning, amputation, lashing and cutting off the hands of thieves.

The death penalty can be imposed for a wide range of offences including murder, rape, false prophecy, armed robbery, repeated drug use, apostasy, adultery, witchcraft and sorcery and can be carried out by beheading with a sword or more rarely by firing squad. Most educated expats come to Saudi Arabia for one reason: Money. Landing a position here as an experienced and educated professional typically comes with perks that jobs back home don't offer. Generous tax-free salaries, luxurious housing, paid education for your children, free tickets back home, and the minimum standard of 30 days paid vacation are all benefits offered to minimum university grad expats.

The cost of living here is pretty reasonable as well, and considering that for most expats, housing and transportation are apart of their salary packages, very little money needs to be spent to live here. We all know gasoline is cheap cheaper than water actuallybut you may be surprised to know that food, entertainment, and shopping are also affordable. While in other parts of ME like Dubai, Qatar etc.

You cannot save much out of your earnings as compare to here in KSA. If any Saudi female wants to marry foreign national first she needs to get written approval from her family and must complete formal documentations than only she can marry him. Children of Saudi spouse from foreigner father will not be entitled for Saudi nationality by birth.

Her husband and children will be living in KSA on sponsorship of Saudi mother. One aspect of Kingdom's life is hidden from many, since it is related to poor unskilled labors who pay heavy money to get KSA entry visa and to get in there. In case he cannot get release letter from current sponsor he cannot join new company unless they provide him new visa for that he will need to travel on final exit visa and return back to join new company on their visa.

Apart from these two holy cities, which are on the top of the list for Muslim expats, but there are several other sites worth seeing as well. So opportunities to socialize are fairly limited. They are not allowed to drive, so have to rely on drivers chosen by their husbands or guardians to take them everywhere.

They are not allowed to catch taxis. You feel it immediately upon arriving at the airport, from the segregated lines for women, to the immigration officers. Yes women are allowed to work if they are on employer's sponsorship but mainly they are working in schools and hospitals. You will see military guards at the front of the compound with giant machine guns in case someone tries to attack the foreigners.

For Foreign children there are a number of international schools some of them are run by foreign embassies catering to their international community. The standard of education at these schools is variable.

Expat students can get education inside kingdom till intermediate i. Working and living in Saudi Arabia is best treated as an adventure and new life experience. Expats need to see a move to Saudi as a package of career advancement, cultural experience, religious holy venue, financial enrichment and a great place to teach your family about ways of life.

Waqar Muhammad. Thursday, May 8, Dozakh Ka Azab. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.Last Ashra has started! Here is a dua for all of you! Ae Rab! Yeh haath aj teray samnay uthay hoay haiN! Ae rab! Mujhay mangnay ka dhang nahi ata. Ae Rab-e-Qainat! Mere duaoo ko Qabol farma. Ae Allah! Hamaray gunahoo ko maaf farma. Hum teray buhat gunahgar-o-sazakar banday hain. Ae Zuljilal hamain seedhay rastay p chala day. Hamain panch waqt ka namazi bana day!

dozakh ka azab

Hamain Quran parh k samjhnay ki Taufeeq ata farma. Quran smjh kar us pe amal krnay ki taufeeq ata farma. Yeh jo haath teray samnay phelay hoay hain yeh kisi aur k samnay na phelwana.

Yeh ansoo jo teray samnay nikal rahay hain kisi aur k samnay na niklwana…Ae rab! Tu to sab k diloo k haal janta hai! Jis ki jo jo jaiz hajaatain ho who puri ker day!

dozakh ka azab

Beyshak tu hi ataa karnay wala hy. May tere bandi teray samnay haath phelaee hoi hun. Allah mujhay maaf farma dain.

jahannum ka azab video

Allah manay apnay ap p buhat zulm kia hoa hai ya Allah. Allah ap to rehman hai. Ya Allah. Apni rehmat ki nazar hum p daal dain. Ae Allah, Ya zuljalal, hamain seedha rasta dekha dain. Un logon ka rast jahan ap nay apna inaam bheja tha na k un logon ka rasta jahan ap nay apna azaaab bheja. Ya Allah, hum hamesha tujh say pehlay dua mangtay hain aur pher ghalti ker bethtay hain.

Ae Allah jo kuch chupaya aur jo kuch dekhaya, Ae Allah ap tu sab ko jantay hain. Ae Allah hum thori buhat koshish kertay hain qareeb honay ki. Ae Allah hamari is toti photi koshish ko qabol farma.

Ae Allah apna Qurb hasil kerday.Home About Suggestions. Posts Comments Email. Subscribe as early as you can Get the complete series of ahadees in detail to Learn the shariya gradually and deeply.

Azab e Qabr's tag archives Azab e qabr ki suratain Hadees Riwayat hai Hazrat Usman say k Hazrat Usman jab kisi qabr per kharay hotay to itna rotay k aap ki darhi ter ho jati, arz kiya gaya k aap jannat dozakh ka zikr kertay hain to nahi rotay is say rotay hain [1]fermaya k Hazoor SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam nay fermaya k: Qabr akhirat ki manzilon main pehli manzil hai, agar is say nijat pa gaya to baad wali manzilain is se asan ter hain [2].

Aur agar is say he nijat na payi to baad wali manzilain is se sakht hain. Qabr main akhirat ka thikana paish kiya jata hai Hadees Riwayat hai Abdullah ibn Umar say, fermatay hain k fermaya Rasool Allah SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam nay: Tum main say jab koi marta hai to subha sham us per us ka thikana paish kiya jata rehta hai.

Wahan panch chay qabrain thien. Hazoor SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam nay fermaya in qabron ko koi pehchanta hai? Aik shakhs nay arz kiya k main janta hon [3]. Hazoor SalAllaho Aliehe Munkar nakeer kay sawalat 2 of 2 Hadees Riwayat hai Hazrat Abu Huraira say, fermatay hain fermaya Rasool Allah SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam nay: Jab mayyet dafn ki jati hai [1], to us kay paas do syah rang, neeli ankhon walay, farishtay aatay hain [2].

Aik ko munkar dusray ko nakeer kaha jata hai. Woh kehtay hain "tu in sahab kay baray main kya kehta hai?

Jahannum Ka Azab Dil Dehla Dene Wala Bayan Maulana Tariq Jameel1 Download Mp3

To mayyet kehti hai ye Allah kay banday hain aur us k Rasool, main gawahi daita hon k Allah kay siva koi mabood nahi aur yaqeenan Muhammad SalAllaho Alie Azaab e Qabr Azab e Qabr kay mutal'liq chand kuch masayel yaad rekhne chahiye: Yahan qabr say murad alam e barzakh hai, jis ki ibteda her shakhs ki maut say hai aur inteha qayamat per, urfi zahiri qabar murad nahi, lehaza jo murda dafn na hua ho, balkay jala diya gaya ya dabo diya gaya ya usay shair lion kha gaya, usay bhi qabr ka hisab o azab ho ga.

Azab e qabr ka saboot bohut si ayaat aur beshumar ahadees say hai. Lehaza azab e qabr ka munkir gumrah hai. Qabr main sirf imaan ka hisab hai, Join Us.

Roshan Baat on Facebook. Plugin by wpburn. Archives June January December Power by Webrammers.Post a Comment. Search This Blog. Total Pageviews.

dozakh ka azab

Al Quran : Beshak jo log kafir hain unke maal aur unki aulad ALLAH ke muqable mein hargiz kaam nahi aayenge aur wo dozakh ka indhan hain, jis tarah firaun walo aur unse pahle ke logon ka haal hua unhone hamari nishaniyon ko jhutlaya phir ALLAH ne unke gunahon ke sabab se unki giraft farmayee aur ALLAH sakht azab dene wala hai.

Kafiron se kah do ki tum anqareeb maghlub ho jaoge aur Dozakh ki taraf haanke jaoge aur wo buri jagah hai. Al QuranSura h Aal-e-Imran 3 Al Quran : Jo Gunaahgar kaafir hain wo Duniya mein Momeeno se hansee kiya karte they, Aur jab unke pass se Guzartey to haqarat se ishaarey karte Aur jab apney ghar ko jaatey to itratey huye jaateyaur jab in momeeno ko dekhtey to kahtey ki ye to gumraah hain, haalanki wo un par nigraah watchers bana kar nahi bhejey gaye hain, To Aaj momeen kaafiron se hansee karengey aur takhton par baithey huye unka haaal dekh rahey hongeto kaafiron ko unke kaamo ka badla mil gaya.

Hadith: Abu hurairah radi allahuanhu se rivayat hai ki Rasool-Allah SallallahuAlaihi wasallam ne farmaya Duniya momeen ke liye Qaidkhana jail hai aur kaafir ke liye Jannat hai. Sahih Muslim, Vol 6 Al Quran : Verily, those who disbelieve, neither their properties nor their offspring will avail them whatsoever against Allah; and it is they who will be fuel of the Fire. Like the behaviour of the people of Fir'aun Pharaoh and those before them; they belied Our Ayat proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.

So Allah seized destroyed them for their sins. And Allah is Severe in punishment. Say to those who disbelieve: "You will be defeated and gathered together to Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest. Al QuranSurah Aal-e-Imran 3 Al Quran : Verily, during the worldly life those who committed crimes kaafir used to laugh at those who believed. And, whenever they passed by them, used to wink one to another in mockery. And when they returned to their own people, they would return jesting;And when they saw them, they said: "Verily these have indeed gone astray!

But this Day the Day of Resurrection those who believe will laugh at the disbelievers, On high thrones, looking at all things. Are not the disbelievers paid fully for what they used to do? Hadith: Abu Huraira RadiAllahuAnhu reported Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him as saying: The world is a prison-house for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer. Sahih Muslim, BookNumber No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Website Counter Website Counter.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Qabar ka azab qabar ka bayan AppsBit Education. Add to Wishlist. After death, We will go through two different stages of life; one temporary that is to come right after death Barzakhand one that lasts forever and will never end Hereafter. However, this is not the attitude of a Muslim.

We should be foremost in learning and understanding death, so we can live our lives accordingly. The prophet saw said, "Live in this world as though you are a stranger or a traveler passing through it. Let us pray that we are among those who work to have an easy trip and have as the end to their journey, the final abode of Paradise. O Allah, We seek refuge with You from the punishment of the grave.

O Allah, help us to live and die as Muslims and help us to understandthe true object of this life. O Allah, grant us good in this life and good in the life to come, and save us from the torment of the Hellfire and Qabar ka Azaab.

dozakh ka azab

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Jannat Ka Haseen Manazir. Jannat ky manazir ky bary main janny k lia is application ko zaroor parhyia. See more. Madani Book Masail. Zahra University Inc. Zrori masail per aik bhot he Nayab Madani Book learn easy for everyone. Tazkirat ul Aulia book in urdu. Mohammad Abubakar. It is in urdu. Seerat un nabi urdu. Seerat un nabi is written by famous Islamic author Khaleeq Ahmed Mufti.Hazrat Usman jab kisi qabr per kharay hotay to itna rotay k aap ki darhi ter ho jati, arz kiya gaya k aap jannat dozakh ka zikr kertay hain to nahi rotay is say rotay hain [1]fermaya k Hazoor SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam nay fermaya k:.

Qabr akhirat ki manzilon main pehli manzil hai, agar is say nijat pa gaya to baad wali manzilain is se asan ter hain [2]. Aur agar is say he nijat na payi to baad wali manzilain is se sakht hain. Jab Nabi SalAllaho Aliehe Waslam mayyet kay dafn say farigh hotay to wahan kuch dair thehrtay aur fermatay, apnay bhai kay liye dua e maghfirat karo [1]phir is kay liye sabit qadm rehnay ki dua karo, k is say ab sawalaat ho rahay hain [2].

Kafir per us ki qabr main ninyanway 99 sanp musallat kiye jatay hain [1]. Jo usay qayamat tek nochtay aur dastay rehain gay [2]. Agar in main se aik sanp zameen per phoonk maar de to kabhi sabza na ugay [3]. Tweet This Post. Home About Suggestions. Posts Comments Email. Subscribe as early as you can Get the complete series of ahadees in detail to Learn the shariya gradually and deeply.

Home Hadees Azab e qabr ki suratain. Share this Post:. Join Us. Roshan Baat on Facebook. Plugin by wpburn. Archives June January December Power by Webrammers.


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